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Research Overview

The goal of our research is to understand the dynamical and physical mechanisms involved in the generation of complex sounds which are commonly found in birdsong, and to characterize the role of the peripheral system in this process. Physiological data (brain & body), combined with dynamical and physical modeling , allow us to dissect the respective roles of peripheral mechanisms and neural instructions in the generation of complex sounds.

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Academic Project

The LSD lab is part of the Institute of Physics of Buenos Aires (IFIBA-CONICET) and the Physics Department of the University of Buenos Aires, an institution proudly part of the public educational system in Argentina. We are committed to achieve the highest possible standards in our work, conscious of our social responsibility. In the last years, many researchers currently working worldwide have been trained at the LSD, and successful laboratories across the country have been started by former LSD members. Within the Physics Department, we are part of a collective effort to provide students with an opportunity to carry out graduate and undergraduate training in interdisciplinary research, convinced that many of the most fascinating problems in the 21st century are biologically inspired. On the other hand, future generation of researchers addressing biological questions will need increasingly sophisticated tools of quantitative analysis and nonlinear dynamics. At the LSD group, students are included in long term projects that require experimental work, modeling and time series data analysis. At the LSD we are convinced that scientific knowledge is a collective effort, and therefore we try to build a culture of respect and cooperation between peers, shared responsibility and commitment. A central part of our work as part of a public University is teaching. The members of the LSD are involved in the teaching of Nonlinear Dynamics, which is taught regularly since 1995. Currently, we are adding a new graduate course; Dynamics and Artificial intelligence applied to modeling.


Dinámica No Lineal – 1er cuatrimestre 2020

Prof. Gabriel Mindlin

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Sistemas Dinámicos e Inteligencia Artificial aplicados al modelado de datos – 2do cuatrimestre 2020

Prof. Gabriel Mindlin

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Dynamical Systems Lab

Contact Information

Professor Gabriel B. Mindlin, Ph.D.
Universidad de Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Phone: (+5411) 5285-7503 / e-mail:
Address: Departamento de Fisica, FCEN-UBA Pabellon I, Ciudad Universitaria, 1428
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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